Monday, February 23, 2009

Tag dari cik DiLL

1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet.


2. Introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it.

Versace clutch wallet, price x tau la coz daddy yg bagi.

3. Take out whatever inside your wallet

huhu... all Atm card kt daddy coz mummy sgt boros. Then tu sje money yg ade wehh ujung bln sgt perit... tunggu 25 ni gaji woooo.... klo prasan ic lame time old scul dlu pon ade ow.

4. Snap a picture of your wallet with yourself

hehe.. klo Cik DilL tngan je, Cek Mimi kasik En. Bubu amek gmba.

Coz die sgt suke amek gamba.

5.People to Tag!

1.Cik Kemilia

2.Cik Siti

3. nolly dolly

4 . sue

5. Iqah

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